Canyon Park

 Veterinary Hospital

Unique Services:


  • No Charge Dr. rechecks for skin and ear conditions.


  • Home hospitalization with Dr. Vaughn.


  • Generally lowest cost prescription diets and increased selection of flavors.


  • Walk in toe nail trims and anal gland expressions.


  • Low cost boarding.


Dental Service:


We are a noticeably more affordable option than most other veterinary hospitals, as we believe dental health in pets is very important we do our best by keeping it more affordable to owners. This is accomplished while maintaining a high level of safety with minimal sedatives and full monitoring. We are happy to schedule FREE dental exams to existing patients to go over the potential costs. However in the meantime the following are potential costs:


Routine Teeth cleaning:


Cleaning process: Removal of surface tartar with ultrasonic & hand scaler. Assess teeth. Decide if X-rays important. Extract unsavable diseased teeth. Measure/record gum depths. Assess other disease processes (periodontitis/tumors/extra teeth). Decide if action needed (stitch gum/remove tumors). Polish. Fluoride treatment.


  • Feline $350
  • Canine Less Than 50lbs $400
  • Canine Over 50lbs $450



  • Simple extract (front, small, very diseased) $20
  • Complex simple (elevation needed) $40
  • Complex level 1 drill 1 root $80
  • Level 2 drill 2 roots $100
  • Level 3 drill 3 roots $120
  • Traumatic tooth in pieces $200


Dental x-ray $100


Surgery (usually not necessary in small teeth) $100


Nerve block for pain $40


Injectable pain medication admin in advance $15


Injectable pain medication admin after procedure $40


Post dental antibiotics $_______


Post dental pain medication $_______


Optional pre surgical bloodwork $90



Boarding Service:

Pets have a great time! Non-stop playing from the time they wake up till they go to bed. Inexpensive fee includes EVERYTHING (food, walks, playtime). All pets go home with report cards and dogs also get pictures taken with their new friends during play time. Veterinary Supervised!




Dog lodging:

  • Dogs $33/night
  • Second dog in same kennel $22/night


Cats Den:

  • $22/night
  • Second cat in same condo $15/night.



Canyon Park Veterinary Hospital