Pet Bathing/Mat Clipping

At Canyon Park Veterinary Hospital in Bothell, WA, we prioritize your pet’s comfort by ensuring a stress-free and safe bathing experience.

What is a Pet Bathing/Mat Clipping?

Experience the ultimate pampering for your beloved pets at Canyon Park Veterinary Hospital! Our expert veterinary team not only provides quality medical care but also offers a luxurious pet bathing and mat clipping service. Treat your furry friends to a spa day that goes beyond the basics, ensuring they leave feeling refreshed, clean, and looking their best. With our gentle touch and specialized grooming techniques, we cater to the unique needs of each pet, making the grooming experience stress-free and enjoyable. Trust us for a holistic approach to pet care, where health and happiness come together in a soothing spa environment.

Baths and Fur Clipping for Hygiene and Comfort

Dog Bath using shampoo for sensitive skin (includes nail trim)

  • Less than 21 pounds $33.
  • 21-50 pounds $40.
  • Over 50 pounds $50

Cat Bath using shampoo for sensitive skin (includes nail trim, if desired)

  • Short hair $35
  • Long hair $45

*Medicated shampoo dog/cat as recommended by medical record adds up to $25.

Fur Clipping

  • Sanitary hygiene clip to clear hair from rectal/urinary area – $20
  • Clip paw fur around pads to increase paw grip – $30
  • Brief mat clip – $20. Extensive mat clip adds $30-60 depending on the time
  • Cat Full body Shave $120

Ear hair plucking – $25