Pet Diagnostics

At Canyon Park Veterinary Hospital in Bothell, WA, we provide advanced diagnostics for pets, ensuring tailored care for their well-being. Exceptional, personalized services for your furry companions.

Advanced Diagnostic Technologies

Our veterinary hospital is equipped with leading diagnostic technologies to assess and diagnose various health conditions in pets precisely. Our modern equipment supports thorough early detection and treatment evaluations, including digital radiography, cardiology, and ultrasound. From routine blood tests to advanced imaging, our diagnostic capabilities are designed to provide accurate insights into your pet’s health.

X-Ray (Radiology)

Digital X-ray allows veterinarians to see inside the body as well as see bones and joints.

Panoramic Dental X-ray, which allows us to take an X-ray of all the teeth at one time.

Both of these help our veterinarians determine medical conditions, injuries, and dental diseases, allowing for appropriate medical treatments.


Abdominal ultrasounds can be scheduled in our hospital with mobile veterinary radiologists. This is for established patients.

This helps look inside organs to be able to see conditions such as kidney stones, gallbladder disease, tumors, and a variety of other conditions not seen with X-rays.


Scheduling with a traveling cardiologist is available for cardiac evaluations with heart ultrasounds. This is for established patients.