Pet Prescription Foods

At Canyon Park Veterinary Hospital, our specialized pet prescription foods cater to specific dietary needs, ensuring optimal health and well-being.

Pet Prescription Foods

We have multiple prescription food choices for your pet’s specific medical needs. For more common conditions, we have choices of flavors, textures, and brands because not all pets have the same likes and tastes.

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Why Prescription Foods?

Prescription diets are vital in managing pets’ health issues. These specialized foods target conditions like digestive disorders, urinary tract health, skin sensitivities, weight management, and joint care with precise nutrients.

Tailored Selection for Your Pet

Every pet has unique tastes and needs. That’s why we offer a diverse range of prescription foods, including various brands, flavors, and textures. Our veterinary team assists in choosing the best option based on your pet’s health and preferences.


Prescription diets are also available in our online pharmacy directly from the manufacturer. This allows for direct shipment to your home. Prices are at or below Chewy prices. Autoship is available but not required.

Hills to Home

If your pet is fed any diet (prescription or non-prescription) from Hills Nutrition, call us to enroll you for direct access for your pet’s needs for easy access and home shipment.

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Conditions We Address

At Canyon Park Veterinary Hospital, our prescription foods cater to a spectrum of conditions:

Digestive Health:

We offer specialized diets to aid in managing gastrointestinal issues, including sensitive stomachs, food sensitivities, and digestive disorders.

Urinary Tract Support:

We offer prescription foods designed to maintain urinary tract health by addressing issues like urinary stones or urinary tract infections.

Skin and Coat Care:

For pets with skin sensitivities or allergies, we provide diets rich in essential nutrients to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Weight Management:

Tailored nutrition plans to assist pets in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, supporting their overall well-being.

Joint and Mobility Support:

Foods formulated with ingredients to support joint health and improve mobility are ideal for pets with arthritis or joint-related issues.