Pet Boarding

At Canyon Park Veterinary Hospital, we recognize the importance of locating dependable pet boarding in Bothell, WA. Our facility is geared to provide a comfortable and secure environment for your cherished companions while you are away.

What Sets Us Apart

We prioritize the safety and security of your pets during their stay with us, ensuring a stress-free experience in dedicated spaces for dogs and cats. Our boarding areas are regularly sanitized and maintained to uphold the highest cleanliness standards. Our veterinary team comprises experienced professionals passionate about animal care, providing personalized attention catering to each pet’s unique needs. A veterinarian is available during the day if there is any medical concern. Rest assured, your pet will receive the care and affection they deserve throughout their stay.

Boarding for Dogs and Cats

Boutique Style:

  • We limit the number of pets that can stay at one time.
  • All kennels have comfortable beds.
  • Complete kennel disinfection daily.
  • Cat kennels include a scratch post and a separate litter box room.
  • Peace of mind knowing a vet is available during the day if you have any concerns.

DOGS – Nightly fee includes:

  • 3 walks per day.
  • Unlimited playtime in between walks.
  • Comfortable kennels with beds, blankets, and comforters.
  • Free bath and toe nail trim ($55 value) if staying 5 nights or longer.
  • Pictures and report cards are sent home with the pet.
  • Cost – $40 for the first pet in the kennel. $35 for the second pet in the same kennel.

CATS – Nightly fee includes:

  • Access to play area – limited to own family of cats only.
  • Kennels include a scratch post and a separate litter box room.
  • Report card sent home with a pet.
  • Cost – $30 for first pet in kennel. $25 for a second pet in the same kennel.


  • Dogs must be current on Kennel cough (BORD) within 1 year of the entire stay.
  • General combination vaccine (DHPP)
  • Cats must be current on general combination vaccine (FVRCP)

If this is your dog’s first time boarding, call to schedule a meet and greet for us to see if your pet is a good fit. We are a facility where pets need to be able to get along with others. Aggressive dogs to other dogs or people are not accepted.

Please always bring your own food. Changing food can be stressful and unhealthy. Daily fees will be added for us to provide food. Treats and toys are always welcome.