Pet Unique Services

At Canyon Park Veterinary Hospital, we offer unique services to prioritize your pet’s health beyond routine check-ups.

Tailored Care for Every Pet

Our commitment to personalized care means we go the extra mile. We understand that each pet has unique needs, and our services are tailored to address these specific requirements. From specialized medical attention to dietary considerations, your pet’s health is our priority.

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Pet Unique Services

  • Courtesy veterinary re-evaluations of ear/skin conditions soon after starting treatment.
  • Home overnight hospitalization with Dr. Vaughn in specific cases of medical need.
  • Increased selection of prescription foods with choices of brands, flavors, and textures. All at MSRP.
  • Free dental exams and estimates for established patients. Appointment required.
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Walk-in Service For:

  • Toe nail trims $20 clip. $15 additional fee for dremmel
  • Anal gland expression $25
  • Microchipping $40 (includes tag and registration fee)
  • DNA testing for the breed and health information $150
  • Sanitary shave $20
  • Paw shave $30
  • Quick mat clips $20
  • Tick removal – free