Pet Microchip

Ensure your pet’s safety with our microchipping service at Canyon Park Veterinary Hospital, providing permanent identification for lost or stolen pets.

Enhancing Pet Identification

Microchipping is the best way to reunite a pet with their owner. It is a simple injection of a tiny chip that, when scanned, allows a number to be called to find out the owner’s information.

Walk-in microchipping available- Price $__ (includes registration)

Walk-in microchipping available
Price $65 (includes registration)
microchip scanning a bulldog.

The Microchipping Process

At Canyon Park Veterinary Hospital, we prioritize a smooth and stress-free microchipping process. Our skilled veterinarians adhere to a detailed procedure, prioritizing your pet’s well-being throughout.

  1.  Check for a pre-existing microchip.
  2. The owner fills out the form for a microchip.
  3. A microchip is inserted, similar to a vaccine.
  4. The hospital submits the owner-filled-out form to the microchip company.
  5. The owner is provided with their pet’s unique microchip number and tag.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microchipping Safe?

Yes, microchipping is safe and well-tolerated by pets. The chip is biocompatible, poses no health risks, and is coated to prevent movement.

Can I Track My Pet?

We use Save This Life microchips. The owner is contacted when their pet is found. The owner receives direct notifications and a GPS map that shows the location of the pet and the person with your pet.